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What we do

We design and construct spaces, make beautiful objects & furniture, and bring ideas to life. Sometimes it’s for an empty shell, be it a shop, office, restaurant, or new home, that needs to be created from the floor up; sometimes it’s a refresh of an existing space; or sometimes it’s for a custom piece of furniture that just can’t be found in the shops. We have done it all.

We work with you to realise those dreams in your head, envisioning, conceptualising, planning and executing the bounty of beauty. From ideas, colour palettes, furniture, art, and lighting to complete floor plans and structural remodels, we see the project through to completion. We provide 3D renders so the outcome can be visualised before any work starts and to avoid the “I actually think we should have taken down the other wall” kind of situ’s, and we use our own tried and tested contractors to get your dream into reality.

What inspires us

You know that feeling when you walk into a great space? You instantly feel better. The furniture is placed in just the right way, or you think,  “I love how they’ve hung that picture.” It’s unexpected but familiar. A good workspace feels inherently inspiring; whether you’re the intern or the executive, it makes you feel like the boss. It speeds you up, makes conversations easier, enables the flow of ideas, and helps you get things done better.

And then you have that friend whose house you love to visit, why? You can’t quite put your finger on it, but it feels good to be there; comfortable, beautiful, engaging. The spaces we inhabit have a great impact on how we live and work and making these a reality is what inspires us.

Our approach

We believe beautiful spaces are for everyone. You don’t need to have a yacht in Monaco to call an interior expert, nor do you need to know the name of that Italian designer who created that cubist daybed for that Danish collaboration (“POR”). We want to bring beauty into all spaces; be it for life, work or play, each one has a different feel and function, and the best ones should tell a good story. If you don’t mind us getting a little excited about the possibilities in your home, office, company or organisation, set up a consult in-person or online. These are great opportunities to discuss ideas, practical actionable solutions, and ballpark costs so you know more about the process, can visualise the possibilities, and can then take the next step in confidence.

Commercial Projects

We conceptualise and design unique spaces for offices, hotels, lodges, restaurants and retail spaces. The focus is always on creating meaningful and exceptional experiences.

Residential Projects

Ranging from smaller projects like creating the home office you’ve always wanted, to rebuilding your entire space for yourself or your family. We create considered spaces that reflect your personality.

Product Development

The way we interact with objects is very important to us. The way it feels, looks and ultimately works is an exciting creative process. We’ll work with you to turn your ideas into beautiful things.

One Hour Residential or Commercial Consult: R1950

One hour consults

I work with you in-person on any type of residential or commercial design project, from styling and decor to full renovations.

During our 1 hour site visit, we will discuss your project and specific needs. You may just want to bounce some ideas around or get more in depth recommendations on tiles, paint colours, flooring options, lights, colour schemes, art walls, furniture options, layouts or any other design-related questions. It can cover just the ‘decor-stuff’ or full renovation insight.

If you would like to take it further and get something more tangible, I can then send you the recommendations for your space, which could include a couple of links to items that will complete your space, or mood boards and 3D renders so you can completely visualise a new look. This part of the process is charged on an hourly basis (R1200/hour).

The Process


We’ll meet on site to discuss the needs and ultimate use of your space. Once we’ve considered your brief we supply a mood board detailing concept, look & feel, colour palette and initial cost estimates tailor made for your project.


After the concept phase has been decided on, we provide detailed floor plans and renders to help you visualise the space.


We will appoint vetted architects, builders or renovators to work on your project, or work with a team of your choice.


Depending on the scope of your project, we will source furniture and fittings or custom-make items where needed to create a space that is uniquely yours.

Once you have a plan of action for your space you can continue working with me to take care of all your design, shopping, sourcing, custom-furniture-making and implementation needs, on an hourly or pre-agreed price, or you can sail the boat yourself.