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Eight years ago (almost to the day) I photographed Teri and Duncan’s home for the blog. Back then they were parents for the first time and their oldest was a tiny baby in a carry cot and the munka shelf was one of my best sellers. It feels like a life time ago and the cliched discussion that starts with ‘I can’t believe how time has flown’ never ceases to blow my brain.

What I love about the passage of time is how our homes change to accommodate different life stages. Like the myriad of crap (mostly never used) that newborns need to stay alive which clutter up every available surface. Then the happy day comes when you clear that all out…but have to make space for bicycles with no training wheels. Or your dining room table that becomes a temporary home-office during a pandemic, which then claims the spare bedroom for your permanent 9 to 5. It’s a beautiful thing, the ebb and flow of domestic life and how we re-use the things and spaces we already have to keep up with our ‘nows’.

The James Mudge shelving unit below is still a show stopper in the lounge, but the change of wall colour from white to green is looking super fresh. The classic dining room table (also by James) is the same old same old, but looking all grown up with new wishbone chairs. You can read the old blog here to see the previous chairs.

The family bathroom still has the teak Stokperd Munka shelf which has survived many splashy bath times by the couple’s 2 girls. The combination of a deep blue feature wall and neon planter is a very effective face lift in the space. The planter is from Plantify, designed and made by Mia Melange.

A design trend that never gets old for me is the use of mid century cabinets as bathroom vanities. The unit below is from Space for Life. 

Not much has changed in the timeless main en suite bathroom, but the skinny legged side table re-painted in white and a statement plant in a big round-bottomed glass jar gives it a brand new feel.

The guest bedroom has become Teri’s home office. After too many years in advertising Teri and her business partner Jane decided it was time to do what they really loved, and so Maven was born.

Teri explains what it’s all about – reducing our footprint on the planet one gorgeous item at a time, Maven is a curated collection of pre-loved designer, boutique, vintage & high street clothing, footwear & accessories.

Below is a pic of the dead cool proudly not new shoes to match my not new pants that I got from Teri’s store at We are Egg 

Get on board here if your closets are choking your chi, or shop vintage at  and follow them on insta @maven.sustainable

The office loo, where the centre piece is the vintage medicine cabinet from Wauhaus in Woodstock.

Nothing lifts me up better than a bright pink wall.