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Let me start this home tour by telling you about the best buns in town, belonging to one Warren Rasmussen. And these are not any old buns, I’m talking sticky sweet cardamom buns with crunchy sugary bits on top. Heaven! So not only is this the beautiful home of the Rasmussen family, but also the home-based bakery of Warren’s side project – The Local Baker. But all the Rasmussens are a creative bunch, Emma works in advertising and also makes beautiful bean bags and sews magical kids dress-up clothes and decor, and Warren’s day job is actually photography. They have been living in the vibey Cape Town suburb of Obz for 10 years and love the Victorian houses, sense of community and eclectic mix of people in their neighbourhood.

Photography by Miss Moss

First up – buns! If you would like to order any of this deliciousness from Warren you can contact him here.

The kitchen has happy touches of playful red dotted all around.

A shared studio by Emma and Warren below. The gorgeous bag was bought on a recent family trip to Morocco and the day-bed a custom Stokperd piece. The plush gold bean bag is from Emma’s collection.

The main bedroom is a luscious jewelley-jungley place. The emerald wall colour is Plascon Carribean Current.

The bedside lights are from Ikea and the Smorkin Labbit by Kidrobot

Super-model Tonkinese cats Noodle and Boo

9 year old Lula’s room is an absolute delight and riot of girly charm.

The mobile was made by Emma and the white shelf is a munka from Stokperd

The guest bedroom with a plush emerald velvet headboard and linen from Country Road.

I do lose my mind over a good bathroom, and this is definitely one of them. The tiles are the real show stopper here, but came with it’s fair share of heart ache. Emma explains that she really wanted them, and after searching online (where they’re only available in Euros, ka-ching) and then finding them at Moroccan warehouse (only grey and not enough stock) she decided to have them custom printed by Photo Blox. Sounds simple, but the first few samples were rejected, and when they finally got them right – the tiler didn’t know how to cut them! So Warren hired a wet blade machine and google-taught himself to do it. The end result is totally worth it though.

Since the first bookclub we had at Emma’s house (about 10 years ago) I have seen this magical collection of figurines grow.

The dining room below, with a magnificent bird-head made by Warren for Afrika Burn. The light shade is from Ikea.

The old faithful Trolley Dolly below from Stokperd

The lounge has a very clever sky light that lights up the space brilliantly

Another thing I really love about this house is the wrap-around veranda, perfect for outdoor lounging and entertaining.